Consistency Challenge – Day Eight or How to Keep Going

keep going

The morning started out normal enough, but then the darkness closed in. I am still not sure how it found me, but it did. It was thick. It was heavy. It sucked the energy right out of me.

I had no real desire to do much and so I did nothing. I tried. I started to write. I started to get some things in order. I started to work on some videos.

I started a lot, but I just could not keep going. The more I tried, the heavier it got.

I had a choice. I could continue to do nothing or I could choose to do something.

So, I made myself do something. It was a little thing, but it got me started and sometimes the starting is all that matters.

Tips on How to Keep Going

    – Do something – it can be little but doing will make it easier to tackle the bigger things.
    – Find encouragement – my little something involved being around others, some of whom are my ally army (those people that encourage me to boldly pursue my dreams).
    – Step out – refuse to let the day end without taking one step forward.

It may not be much, but it is more than I had when I started. I just have to keep reminding myself that I am the only thing standing in my way and I have to keep stepping out of my way so that I can get to where I want to go.

You can do it – if you will do it.

How do you keep going when all you want to do is nothing?

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