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Consistency Challenge – Day Six or Sharing TED Talks

Javacia, over at See Jane Write Magazine, offered a full thirty days of writing prompts for #bloglikecrazy. Day Six called those participating to share their favorite TED talk. If you have yet to encounter TED talks, now is your chance. It is all about ideas worth sharing and many of the talks will have you standing and cheering or just ready to take on the next hurdle.

I have heard several TED talks, but went over to the website to find the BEST one. Instead of finding a TED talk from my past, I discovered a new one. Andrew Fitzgerald – who is shaping ways for journalists (and other writers) to work with Twitter – shares an INCREDIBLE idea that I would never have considered.

Twitter Fiction.

Since National Novel Writing Month is also going on in November, I thought this might encourage people to find new ways to write.

If you are not a writer, here is what you can learn from Twitter Fiction.

    – We are connected more today than ever before. Build your connections. Grow your connections. Make the most of your connections.

    – Everything was once a “we’ve never done it that way before” moment. Step beyond the now into the realm of extraordinary possibilities.

    – You can blur the lines to create a new direction. Color outside the lines to create whole new worlds. This is more than outside the box thinking. This is out of this world thinking.

    – The only limits you have are the limits to the tools. Get to the tools and anything becomes possible.

Things are not always as they seem. Things are never as they seem if you are willing to push them out to be more than they are right now. Are you ready?

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