Conspiracies Miss the Proverbs 31 Woman

Conspiracies lurked behind every corner for me yesterday. The muses, the fates or whatever else you want to label it worked hard to keep me from working, sleeping or thinking. It can be hard to do what I know to do when nothing else seems to be going that way.

Conspiracy #1 – My husband has been on a trip for the last several days and returned with a new attitude. He PROMISED he’d get up early and I almost fell for it. Rearranging my day to NOT expect it set me behind. Getting it all done while he was gone and on time was not a problem because I knew I was the only one to do it. Why do we let the companionship of others throw our plans into such disarray?

Conspiracy #2 – Several deadlines loomed at me yesterday so it was the appropriate time for the neighbor to call to see if my husband could help him. My husband also decided to run errands for me because he knew I needed to work. The kids stayed with me so not much actual work was accomplished. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Conspiracy #3 – The boys went with my husband out on the lake so I took advantage of the quiet to finish up early and go on to bed.

    • The phone rang only thirty minutes after I go settled and it was my FIL concerned that the boys weren’t home yet. I spent the next thirty minutes trying to find my crew. It’s so much harder to fall asleep the second time.
    • FIL called back around 10 pm because my husband did not stop by and talk to him and did not call him like he said he would. I apologized and tried to stay calm – 3rd attempt at sound sleep.
    • That’s about the time the crew chose to come home. The 4th time is just annoying.
    • My youngest son starting crying and screaming at 11:30 pm so I had to get up to settle him back into bed. 5h time trying to get some sleep.
    • The phone rang at 12:30 am.
    • My middles son started coughing around 1am
    • The youngest son was up again at 2 am.

I lost count of the number of times that I crawled in and out of bed and fell in and out of sleep but I do know that having my husband sleep soundly next to me was adding to my annoyance level!

I think sleep finally came although I ended up staying in bed WAY longer than I ever do and now I’m having trouble getting the crew started. It’s frustrating when other people don’t do what you expect or even what they say.

Staying Calm in the Storm

    1. Take LOTS of deep breaths. It is important to remain calm during the storm.

    2. Take baby steps. Completing even small tasks can help get the focus back on the important stuff and away from the conspiracy problems.

    3. Take it lightly. Conspiracies may seem real but they are usually figments of our imagination. Enjoy the irony of the situation or at least try to smile. Smiles make everything a little easier to take.

Conspiracies aside, I did manage to get at least one of my projects completed. I’m determined to finish up the rest today and enjoy the long holiday weekend. The schedule is a bit off, but then so am I so I should be use to it. The truth is that I am the only person or thing that I can rely on outside of God and even then I can end up disappointing me.

What are the magic tips that you have for staying calm and focused during a conspiracy?

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  • Focus on the NOW. Not five minutes ago, and not an hour ago. We can only live in the present which is in a constant state of flux, so we must be also. Go with the flow. Ride the rapids, don’t fight them, but direct them.

    • Hey Steve,

      Very nice analogy – hadn’t even thought about it like that but it’s true. We are riding the River and if you fight the rapids it will wear you out. If you use the rapids you will move faster and smoother and avoid many of the obstacles along the way. Thanks for that.