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How to Create a Foundation of Inspirers with Growing HOPE

Inspirers are the people who fuel your heart with the encouragement you need to live your BIG DREAMS and the support that will drive you to take your intentional steps.

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MAP IT OUT – Week 5 – Team

Thursday – Inspirers

I need the support and encouragement of inspirers – people that are there to infuse me with hope and possibility – because it may be simple, but this journey is still tough and if I am going to keep going I am going to need the fuel to make it happen.

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There I was – too tired to go and too worn out to really care.

I probably would have quit, if I hadn’t already been investing in building a foundation of inspiration – ways for me to stir up my get up and go when I really wanted to hide under the covered.

Investing in the Inspirers

When I build a team that establishes my foundation for possibility and purpose, I need inspirers on my team. I need the people that will stir up the hope in me, that will cause the desire to rise up in me, and that will fuel up the fire in me so I will keep going.

#GrowingHOPE - MAP IT OUT - Team - Inspirers
  • I had teachers that I was learning under – in Sunday school, online, and through events.
  • I had bloggers I had connected with that offered words of hope, help, and encouragement.
  • I had music that stirred my heart and made me want to (or even need to) get up and dance.
  • I had live streamers who were there, on a regular basis, feeding my heart and growing me for my journey.
  • I had the people that I met for coffee, or met in the hall, that were there to give me guidance on what, and how, and when.


I am a natural-born encourager, but when I am struggling it is difficult to encourage myself. So I need people that will be that inspiration for me.

I need inspirers.

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There is a path to my unique design, but the steps I am taking now and that I am going to take down the road will require that I be fueled up and fired up. Surrounding myself with inspirers makes it possible.

Quote of the Day to Inspire and Encourage

Quote of the Day - find something - tony dorsett

“To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.” – Tony Dorsett

I can. I can reach my BIG DREAM goals. I can break through the barriers. I can take hold of all of my possibilities.

But I will need to fuel the journey – and inspiration is vital to the process. I need to be invested in people and ways to spur on the inspiration so I dare to become all that I am designed to be. I have to develop relationships with inspirers who will challenge me to do more and be more in my journey.

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