Creating a True Church

The church as we know it today is not the one that existed back after Christ was resurrected. The formulas and structures (even the buildings) are something that have been created over time.

There is nothing wrong with structure. There is nothing wrong with following a set formula. The problem arises when the heart is no longer a part of the story. It is time for the Church to get back to the heart of the matter.

    – A church is simply a group of believes no matter if that group gathers at the lake on the weekends to fellowship or gathers in a large building backed by the stamp of a 501-C.

    – A church is designed to be part of the purpose of God and to uncover how it is to work in the community and in the world.

    – A church must be active in spreading the Word not through words but through actions. “Be ye doers of the Word.”

    – A church must be actively growing followers in wisdom, knowledge, understanding and faith.

    – A church is called to meet the needs of the followers and that means all of the followers, not just those that are in special positions of the church or that are part of a special clique.

Finding a church that is a home and not a building is not always easy. There are many groups gathering to worship together each week but there are few churches these days. Look at the actions of the church – look at the relationships between the followers. When you discover a church that is lifting each other up, where the experienced are teaching the inexperienced, where everyone is encouraged and pushed to walk the walk then you will have uncovered a church that is part of the purpose of God.

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