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Creating Order for all Aspects of Your Life

Getting my home in order and getting my life back in shape requires that I be willing to make a change. Nothing will be different if I continue to do things the same way. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the true sign of insanity. I know I’m unique but I am a far cry from insane – most days anyway.

Tips for Getting Things in Order

    1. Start by making a decision. Decide right now that things are going to be different. Change the thought pattern and you begin to change the life pattern.

    2. Get up and get moving. Wake up at the first call (that means NO MORE SNOOZE BUTTON). Get dressed for the day even if you work in your kitchen. Do it for you – having the right attitude helps drive your actions.

    3. Expect more from the family. You can not mother you husband but you can mother the children. Set a schedule for them so they know when they are expected to get up and get moving as well. Consider keeping the same schedule through out the week and that does include Saturday. Consistency is the key to success.

    4. Set a beginning and an end for work. Use a kitchen time and make cleaning a contest. Having a set time for work to begin keeps dread from building. An end time means that there is a finish line to cross.

    5. Release the clutter. Too much stuff in your house, in your desk or just in your life means less time to get things done. An organized life creates freedom.

Make the differences in life that are necessary for success. Begin with a mind change and end with the release of all those things that are dragging you down. Doing things different until you find your path will give you the answers you need for finding order in life.

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