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Dare to See Beyond Expectations to Grow HOPE

Dare to See Beyond Expectations to Grow HOPE

Daring to see beyond expectations puts you into a position to live more and to be more. Expectations demand limits. Possibility living moves you into a place of impossibilities – because it resides in the unexpected realm of the imagination.

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Expectations come from two locations: 1. What you know; 2. What they demand. Both of these points cause problems in the journey.

Letting what you know dictate the next step keeps you from moving beyond what you know. If you want to live an extraordinary life, you have to move out of your comfort zone. Yes, it can be scary. But BIG DREAMS should be a little bit scary because they push you beyond where you currently are into more that you can be.

Letting what they demand be the driving force takes the journey out of your hands. You become locked into the dictates of others. No matter how wise, how experienced, or how knowledgeable they may be, they are not you. Your journey will be unique to you (which is why you have to avoid the comparisons).

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See Beyond Expectations

  • Take time to dream. Dreaming is a lost art. Once you learn that not all dreams come true, then you tend to stop dreaming at all. Set aside some time every now and then to dream. Dream big, without limitation. Dream crazy, without restrictions. Dream impossible, beyond anything you can currently imagine.
  • Set aside the limits – yours and theirs. It’s okay to acknowledge them, but put them off to the side so you can see beyond them. Frame the limits as challenges you will overcome instead of letting them be roadblocks standing in the way.
  • Do one more thing. You move beyond expectations when you keep moving. Do one more thing to bring you closer to your goals, your objectives, or your daily chores. Each one more thing will bring you just a little bit closer.

What are your BIG DREAMS? When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream?

Looking back, I can remember several times when I saw people playing radio broadcasters on TV or in the movies, and I would dream of doing something like that. When I launched #GrowingHOPE, I felt like I was doing just that. And then they told me I was doing it wrong and I couldn’t be a radio broadcaster unless I was on terrestrial radio and . . .

You get the picture, right?

I was caught in the trap.

beyond expectations

They expected me to do things their way, and I expected things to turn out a certain way. All the expectations weighed me down and caused me to stutter to a halt.

I had to make the choice – and ultimately, all of life comes down to choice – to accept my way to live my dream.

If you are going to live out your BIG DREAMS and if you are going to #daretobe your unique self, and if you are going to go boldly into your impossible life, then you will have to be willing to move beyond expectations.

Will you dare to take the leap?


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