Dare to Stick to It with 5 Guiding Tips

When you know you can and you know you should, dare to keep going no matter what.

You have to stick to it if you are going to make it happen. The going will get tough. Distractions will take you off track. People will get in your way and tell you that you can’t.

Don’t quit. Get back on track. And refuse to believe what they have to say.

When you know you can and you know you should, then keep going until you do.

Stick to it and keep going until you get there

Find the Ability to Stick to It

  • You stick to it when you do something, even a small thing, that moves you closer to where you want to be.
  • When you do something that fuels your ability to believe, then you are investing in your ability to take the next step. You can’t step if you don’t believe in your ability to step.
  • Investing in the dreams of others will help you find what you need to keep going. Encouragement grows encouragement, and encouragement ignites the courage you need to live your dreams.
  • You keep going when you recognize the storms will not last. They may make a mess and they may bring the darkness for a period, but the Light will shine again. Keep choosing to remember the Light and the darkness will never last.
  • Be okay with the tears. Sometimes you need to let it out. Find a place where you can deal with the emotions on our terms, and then deal with them. Don’t let them take control, but do let them out. Letting them build up only gives them more control.

My love of words drove me to write. My natural tendency to encourage led me to invest in others (even going so far as to be relentlessly helpful at times). My passion for purpose and watching others discover and live their heartseeds guided me down a path to find more ways to guide people through the process.

The goals I set for the journey seemed to push farther and farther out of reach. I was ready to give up and give in when the world turned upside down. It changed my perspective for a moment and allowed me to stick to my journey.

A few things fell into place. A few more things lined up. I still wasn’t where I thought I needed to be, but I was moving closer (a little bit at a time). I knew I could, and I knew I should, so I put my head down and dared to stick to it.

It’s not easy to go when the going gets tough. It’s not fun to stick to it when people around you have lost heart. It’s not a smooth journey when you have to struggle to stay on the path because the distractions run you into the ditch.

If you stick to it and keep going, it will be worth every moment of wait required to get there.

You are uniquely designed on purpose and for a purpose. Believe in you. Dare to live your BIG DREAM goals. Start stepping into your possibilities. Stick to it until you arrive.

Be blessed,


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Place in Purpose

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