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Dare to Take Down Giants

You have to dare to take down the giants. They will try to make it look impossible. The world will join in and try to shout you down. 

If you don’t give
the giants power,
they can’t stop you.
– Kathryn Lang


If you don’t give 
the giants power, 
they can’t stop you. 
- Kathryn Lang

Recognizing the Giants

Giants are anything that makes you hesitate in your purposeful steps. Sometimes the giants are people in a position above you. Often times they are people who make themselves bigger to bully you. 

Sometimes the giants are mountains standing in the way. Other times they are simply mole hills we’ve made into mountains.

No matter how big, how small, how real, or how contrived, giants create distractions that get us off the rails. We have to choose to stand up to them if we are going to take down the giants. When you stand up to the giants, you take away their power.

  • Giants don’t dictate your journey
  • Giants don’t determine your worth
  • Giants don’t direct your steps
Face the giants

Flip Flops Should Not Be Giants

Little Boy is our foster dog. He’s been with us for 14 years now. For most of his life, he ran around the farm with his sister – until a tornado destroyed our home and his sister passed away. Then he had to move to town with us and become a house dog.

For the most part, he loves it. But now that he doesn’t have his sister leading the way, he’s become more timid. If he has any doubts about what he hears or sees, he freezes. 

The other day, he got stuck in my son’s bedroom. As teenagers are prone to do, my son had kicked off his flip flops and left them in the middle of his floor. Little Boy saw them as giants and froze. He couldn’t go around because. He couldn’t go over. He didn’t know what he was facing. So he stood there until one of us pushed the flip flops to the side. 

Once the flip flops were moved, Little Boy gave them no more attention. Had they remained in the middle of the floor, the dog would have remained standing there. Once the giants were gone, he could move on.

If you don’t give the giants the power, then they can’t stop you. 

Giants Don’t Dictate Your Journey

You are the only one who gets to dictate your journey. Giants will try to tell you where to go, but you don’t have to give them that control.

Giants Don’t Determine Your Worth

Unique things have more value – and you are unique in all the world. Giants will try to convince you that you’re worthless, but the giants are WRONG! 

Giants Don’t Direct Your Steps

You set your pace. You determine the length of your stride. Giants will try to force you into walking their way. Just remember you can’t follow someone on a path only you can define.

you can’t follow someone on a path only you can define.

How to Take Down the Giants

You have to find your way to deal with those giants that are trying to stop you. It clears the path for going all in for living your unique design.

This journey is up to you (although I am here for you if you need encouragement or focus for the journey). Although the giants will make all the noise they can to convince you otherwise. If you are going to take down the giants, you have to believe so much in your unique design that you jump right over that flip flop.

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