Dealing with the Outside Pressure

More money has to come in from my writing.
I have to find a publisher for my novel.
Now is the time for landing my agent.
This deadline must be met yesterday.

Writers put plenty of pressure on their shoulders. Having to also take on the added pressure and complaints of the people around you can crush even the strongest spirit. Find some ways to release the pressure before it manages to squash your dreams.

Handling Pressure from Friends and Family

    1. Have a plan in place. It will be easier to justify your actions when you have a plan in place that shows where the actions take your career. The more detailed you make your business plan then the less ammunition others will have to take aim at your dream.

    2. Have a safety net in place. Stepping out into a writing career can be a long and winding journey. Making a full-time income may take some time. Build up some savings that can cover expenses so that you do not have the additional pressure of finding that income right now.

    3. Have a support group in place. You need to meet some people that are experienced with the industry and with the pressures that come when stepping out into a full-time career. Entrepreneurs can also be a strong support system since they also deal with some of the same pressures. Meet with your support group on a regular basis. It will help you keep a check on what you are doing to make your plan a reality. It will also give you a needed boost when pressure from others gets high.

    4. Have a strategy in place. No matter how well prepared, protected and supported, some people around you will still find a reason to complain. Expect it and know what to do when it comes your way. Smile. Refuse to engage in an argument. Continue pushing your plan until you reach your dream. Let your actions speak for you.

The people around a freelance writer may not understand what it takes to reach success. It can be frustrating to explain time and time again that the actions may not bring in immediate income, but they are building up to that place of financial freedom.

Freelance writers (and entrepreneurs in general) need to prepare for the pressure so that they do not fold under it. Have plan, a safety net and support so that you can survive the scrutiny of all those people who “mean well and want the best for you.”

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