Debt Pushers

The ringing phone seemed innocent enough, so I answered it. There was no hint of menace in the tone of the voice on the other end. But as his words continued to tumble over the line, I knew that this was a trap.

It was yet another credit card offer – promising all kinds of wonderful benefits and rewards if I would just sign up. The irony was that it was my existing credit card company calling to offer another credit card. The rewards program was the same and the benefits were also the same. The only real difference was the name of the card that would be issued (it seems they have a different gimmick name for every conceivable purpose).

The card would carry a 0% interest on all purchases or balance transfers for 12 months (or something like that). It doesn’t really benefit our family because we pay off the balance each month so that there is no interest anyway.

“What do I need with another credit card?” My limit on the existing card is more than I could ever imagine using.

He hem-hawed around the benefits and the rewards but dodged the questions.

“But what do I need with another credit card?” I was determined to understand why the credit card company would even consider calling me for additional credit.

His answer hit hard. “To help you maximize your credit opportunities.” In the words of a dear friend of mine, “they want you to run up the first card – get the second card – and run up the second card so that you owe them the rest of your life.”

As soon as she said it I realized I had been approached by a debt pusher – and I just said NO!

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