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Defeat Worry, Stress, and Fear

Defeat worry to begin living in a life of peace. Defeat stress to unlock the secrets for staying young. Defeat fear to release the power to fly.

Worry, stress, and fear mangle the heart. They strangle the dreams. They crush the ability to think through the moment forcing the mind and the body to react out of emotions.

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Finding peace brings calm to the heart and makes way for the dreams so that you can grab hold of focus to direct your actions.

I sometimes go the way of peace – and I sometimes go the way of reactive emotions. It often depends on my day or my mood which side of the fence I land. Mostly it depends on what I have invested in earlier in that day and over the several preceding days.

The more I invest in hope by digging into the word, the more likely I am going to choose the better path of peace.

But, at any given moment I can choose either path – peace or worry – and the direction I choose too often begins with the little things.

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Top Tips to Defeat Worry

  1. Feast on the Word. Nothing fills up the heart and mind faster than a moment in the Word – and a mind and heart filled with the word will not give way to worry, stress, or fear.
  2. Release Forgiveness. Peace begins with the release of strife and strife flourishes in contempt and anger. Forgiveness clears all of that out. Make the choice to speak forgiveness – for your own actions and for those actions of others that may have harmed you . . . and keep speaking it until it settles into your heart.
  3. Let it Go. Everything does not have to be done YOUR way because your way will not be right for everyone. You do not have to handle everything – and for the record, you will never be able to handle everything. Sometimes it is better to walk away and to let it go than to let it take control of your actions and your attitude.
  4. Focus on Peace. The things that get my attention will be what drive my attitude and actions. When I make the conscious choice to focus on things of peace then peace becomes my lead.
  5. Choose to Laugh. It is almost impossible for fear, worry, or stress to remain when heartfelt laughter moves in. Watch a funny and uplifting short on YouTube. Listen to some fun and inspirational broadcasts. Share with a friend. Laughter lightens the heart and mind.
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Worry, stress, and fear only have a place in my life if I choose to give them a place to reside. Changing my focus will adjust my attitude and my actions and lockout those negative aspects. Peace will become the driving force for my life and I will find that through that peace I defeat worry, stress and fear in my life.

Be blessed,


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