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Demise of a Button Pushing Spouse

Button pushing spouse

Button pushing never turns out well for anyone – at least when it comes to relationships. It doesn’t turn out well for the button pusher or the pushed button.

Today I started plotting the demise of my husband. It has been a long time coming . . . and some days I think that he was determined to bring it about. He finally succeeded.

I know that I am not alone in my thought process when it comes to my spouse. They are the one person in the world that knows where all of our buttons are located AND are bold enough (or stupid enough) to push them.

It would be easy to retaliate – and I am convinced that any jury in the world would be sympathetic. The easy path does not a successful marriage make. I have to make the choice to move past the easy and reach for the better.

Tips for Overcoming the Button Pushing Spouse

Look for the humor.

It may not seem like it, but most of the time the button pushing is done in jest. The spouse wants to make you smile or laugh or entertain others around you. TRY to be a good sport about it and join in the merriment.

Talk about it.

Look past the action at the moment, but take time later to discuss it with your spouse. Let your spouse know what bothers you, why it bothers you and how it could be approached in a more productive manner (or if it should be skipped altogether).

Develop a Happy Mantra

Have a sentence or phrase you can repeat to get your mind off the annoyances. It can be something you think, something you speak, or even something you sing.

Marriage brings with it many trials and tribulations, and a button-pushing spouse may be one of those trials. You can give in to the temptation of taking out the wrong-doing spouse or you can find a way that will let you overcome the button pushing spouse and reach towards a marriage of peace and joy.

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