Develop a Content Writing Career

Build a content writing business

Writing content afforded me the opportunity to expand my writing career into new direction. What started out as a way to earn a little extra money soon grew into a full-time writing opportunity. Content writing made it possible for me to find my niche and to pursue it with boldness.

It is not a glamorous job. Content writing requires doing all the work with no recognition (most of the time). Content writers tend to be ghosts on the internet – you may recognize their voice but you will never see their name. The paycheck becomes the motivation.

Not every writer can be a content writer. I have many writing friends that get ill at the idea of turning out thousands of words on the same subject, anchored around particular words. Other writers despise the turnaround time that often comes with content writing gigs.

But there are some of us who thrive on the challenge. Can I tell the reader something worthwhile, in this allotted amount of space and using these particular key words and phrases? Writing content may not be the spotlight writing of your dreams, but it can be the paycheck you need or want to get you closer to that goal.

Tips for Being a Successful Content Writer

    – Work in your interest areas. It may be possible for you to do the research and write about any subject under the sun, but it may not be worth your time and efforts to try. Find those topics where you already have an interest and the job becomes something you can enjoy and learn from yourself.

    – Forge relationships. Content writers rarely receive a byline. Getting the word out that you are good at filling webpages often comes only from word of mouth. Clients that pass you on to their friends can be a lifelong way of building up your content writing base.

    – Be professional. Provide work that you would WANT to carry your byline. Turn the work in by the deadline. Communicate with the client on a regular basis about any concerns or questions – instead of waiting to the last minute. Professional work can be the key to success as a content writer.

    – Always be on the lookout for writing opportunities. Search the writing job sites, visit forums and watch websites that are in the niches where you have the most interest. Develop query letters for each site and provide samples that you have already published – use a link if you have a byline. Approach the job like you are serious about the opportunity and the client will take you seriously.

Content writing can be a way to earn a paycheck and hone your writing craft. Build a successful content writing career by building relationships, working around your interests and keeping it on a professional level. Allow your writing career to expand in new directions by taking the path of a content writer.

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