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Developing Self-control to Walk in an Even Yoke

Making an Even Yoke

So much of life comes back to the issue of developing self-control and the choices I make with each moment of my day. Take the time to dig deeper and you may discover that the blessings are closer than you realized. My study into the WORD continued this morning with a focus still on control. It is important to me, as I (and my family) continue to push forward in this journey, that I develop the character of self-control so that my life will be balanced.

The idea of self-control – and especially the consequences of the lack of that characteristic – can be found all through Scripture. The word “self-control” remains elusive. I have found temperance. I have found control. So I have been using these words to search through different translations to unlock the steps for my own balanced and controlled life.

But I found that what the world understands as control – and even interprets as control – is not control as we understand it today.

Does it matter? YES – as emphatically yes as I can say. Because control limits my responsibility, at least the control as the world defines it. If the Holy Spirit is in control then how am I to blame or be held responsible. But if the Holy Spirit simple dwells – guiding and advising – then the responsibility falls firmly on my shoulders.

It is no wonder that people would prefer that control be about the Holy Spirit instead of self. . . which leads me back to my own study. I found the word control and then traced that into the concordance and followed that into my Hebrew dictionary. Now the phrase that had been translated “control” was simply “came upon” but the definition of “came upon” had nothing simple about it. It was enough to make me want to shout – but since everyone else was still asleep I maintained some self-control (the study is already making an impact).

“Came upon” comes from the word tsaleach – which means to push forward; to break out; to come mightily(; be profitable; cause to, effect, make to, send) prosper.

As I understand these words, the Holy Spirit does not control my actions, but gives me the tools that I need to live the life where nothing is missing and nothing is broken – the prosperous life of exceeding abundance. But I have to choose to hear, choose to obey, and choose to be consistent in both actions.

It would be easier to put all of the weight on the Holy Spirit, but even if He did take it all, I still have to walk along beside to be sure that the yoke stays even.

Are you walking? Or are you being dragged?

Get up and get moving and do your part. You may be like the little boy who held his hand over his dad’s and asked if that was helping – but sometimes it is simply the willingness to help that makes all the difference.

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