Developing a Writing Niche

Grow your writing niche

The first question most writers hear involves the core audience. Publishers and agents want to know who the writer reaches. Understanding the basics of a core audience and how the niche works will give you one more tool for your writing career toolbox.

Tips for Growing a Niche Audience

    – Think about who you see when you are writing. Many writers have a particular type of person in mind when crafting words. That image helps define the core audience and the market niche.

    – Who are you? You often speak in a voice that can be appreciated best by those in a similar position. Mothers to mothers and wives to wives are just two examples. Let the who that you are help you begin to define the who or your core.

    – Get as specific as possible. Narrow down the core to the tightest niche and then target that niche through blogs and forums. You can begin to grow your name in this niche easier than trying to grow it across the internet.

    – Expand your reach. Think of the core as the center ripple in a pond. You are the stone and each ripple represents a part of your market. Use the information you have gathered to map out the ripples.

    – Continue to review your steps. Look over where you have been, who you have been and where you are going. The core audience today may not be the same down the road, but reviewing your progress will help you make that determination.

Building an audience is a vital component to a successful writing career. Know who you are writing for and you will be in a position to address who your core audience and where your writing niche can be found.

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