Dial-up Disappointment

Can I make a confession? I hate dial up. The slow, agonizing pace that I can find information is actually something I have learned to deal with. It’s not unusual for me to click a link and get a chore done while my connection is crawling its way over there. But we are getting to the point of ridiculous and the disconnects and the “problem loading” are getting close to pushing me over the edge.

When AT&T first bought out Bellsouth, I was thrilled because part of the agreement was all of their customers would have high speed internet available by the end of the year. Here we are, closing in fast on the last of December, and AT&T STILL doesn’t service my home – not that I was actually shocked.

Out of desperation, I called the local cable provided. Because of where our home is located, it’s going to cost us a small fortune but something has to be done. As I continue to attempt to expand my online writings and even open a business or two, the dial up is going to be a problem (even more than it currently is).

The guy who called about coming out to give me an estimate did not sound very sympathetic to my plight. He said that even with a rush order, it would probably take a couple of months to push through all the red tape (and just what kind of red tape is there for private cable?).

What about satellite? (I know that’s what you are asking yourself). There are only two companies that provide satellite in my area. The highest download I can get from either of them is 2 megs – granted it is much, much faster that what I’m currently experience, but the upload speed is not. For $150 per month (plus the initial cost of set up), I think I have to say no.

My hope is that by the first of the year I will have high speed internet connection. My reality is that I will probably still be yelling at the computer screen when it pops up “problem loading.” Can you feel my pain?

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