Did Jesus Giggle?

Bible study should be a time for sharing and reflection. These are serious issues being discussed after all – they are the pieces of armor that help guard against the world.

Most days I do manage to keep my focus. No matter how silly others may get around me (or how far they might digress) I keep my composure. That is the right way to act in bible study.

Today was NOT one of those days. Maybe it was the added estrogen in the room (there are usually only one or two females and we were even with the men today). Maybe it was the sleep deprivation I was facing from trying to catch up on some writing projects. Maybe it was the cold front blowing in. Whatever the reason behind what started the giggles, I was not alone. For several minutes a few of us had a good, full and hearty laugh! It was truly a delight that still makes me smile.

We started out with a giggle because of a stomach growl, but it unfolded into belly laughter before long. The laughter spread from one, to two until the entire side of the room was laughing – despite the “seriousness” of the current discussion.

I began to think about the appropriateness of laughter in the ministry. Are there ever times when it is NOT appropriate? There is probably someone that is always going to be offended by the idea of laughter in any location (outside a comedy club or circus, but maybe even there).

I also began thinking about Jesus and his disciples. Was there ever a gigglefest among their group? Were there moments when the “seriousness” collapsed into a sea of laughter?

My hope (and my belief) is that there was much laughter in the life of Jesus and all around him. In my own life it is when joy is at its fullest that I am free to laugh. Jesus lived a life of joy so he had to have a good giggle now and then!

Maybe it was the peace and joy that I had been feeling all day that overflowed into the laughter in bible study. All I know is that it felt good to laugh with those that are growing with me in wisdom and understanding – and I want more of that.

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