Discovering Your Writing Dream

Asking people about their dreams brings me a bit of delight. My question always comes in a phrase similar to “what do you want to be when you grow up.” My thinking is that as long as you are pursuing your dreams then you are never really grown up. Dreams keep you alive and young.

“One more year away from being a child? That does not sound like growing.”

That quote comes from a favorite book of mine, “There’s No Such Place As Far Away,” by Richard Bach. It reminds me that distance – of time or space – is really only in the mind and heart.

What are your dreams for writing? What is the driving force that makes you need to put words down on paper or click the keyboard? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Tips for Uncovering a Writing Dream

    1.Let it go – you have to be allowed to think the impossible before you can ever begin the journey to get there. A dream begins as a flicker of hope in the imagination.

    2.Think from your heart – this is not a money issue. We all would love to have wealth untold. Get the dollar signs out of the picture and see where your heart will carry you.

    3.Understand who you are now – to get to where you want to be you have to recognize the gifts, talents and abilities that are in you where you are. If you cannot recognize for yourself then ask three people that you trust what they recognize in you.

    4.Go past the expected – look into the unexpected. Think outside the box of your gifts and talents into the impossibilities that could be birthed by those gifts and talents. You can always learn more.

    5.Listen to the wisdom of dreamers past – find quotes from those that have taken the “Road Less Traveled.” Connect with those that are making the journey today. Inspiration inspires inspiration and dreams are allowed to take flight.


Let the hopes become ideas and let those ideas lead you to your passion. Pursuing your passion will help you find your way to the dreams for your writing that you are only now beginning to discover.

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  • The writing dream? Ahh, I know it so very well. I think the main thing I’ve learned in 10 years of freelancing and writing books is this:
    if God is not at the center of it, then I don’t want to be in it.

    That’s just me. My relationship with Jesus Christ is the MAIN thing in my life. The last three years have been a rollercoaster of emotion and growth. In Dec 2007 I sold my book, Girlfriends, God, and Grace, to Thomas Nelson. I was on cloud nine! In Dec 2008 the book was canceled — my heart was broken, but in light of all the layoffs, I understood.
    Throughout 2009 I saw God work in my life – writing and otherwise — I have a Bible study under consideration at a major publisher. I have my book in revamp mode, another book in the works, and more exciting news on the horizon.
    December 2009 — I’m on the verge of sharing some exciting writing / other news! Can’t just yet.

    For me — each step of this journey has been one of obedience to God’s call on my life and a surrender to Him. There have been times when my writing has become an idol — the most important focus on my life. That’s a bad place for me or anyone.

    So for me my writing dream has to line up with God’s call on my heart. When I’m walking in that obedience…. then I’m right smack dab in the middle of the joy that is only found in the Lord.

    • Hey Mary – you are so right. When we are where we are suppose to be then it all has a way of working out and making sense. Thank you so much for your words of praise and encouragement!