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Division Will STILL Destroy the United States

Division will destroy. It matters little about where the division shows up. Division in a bridge will cause its collapse. Division in a family will cause its break. Division in a country will lead to its destruction.

“A house divided against itself will not stand.”

It’s that simple. It’s that challenging. It is our choice.

This article was first written in 2007.  Although the points in the original speech may not be the driving force behind division today, the truth hasn’t changed. Division will destroy the United States.

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Division Will Destroy the United States

July 3, 2007

Division or diversity – the difference makes the difference.

This is a crazy time for the United States. In its young history, this country has never been so pressed to divide. The only other time that division came up, the country fought to keep itself unified.

But here we are – facing division with pride – even after so many died to keep us together.

division will destory

I hadn’t thought about it all that much. Actually, I’ve been trying to duck below the radar and not think or talk about it at all. I have close friends that are legal immigrants. I don’t want to offend.

This morning, I had a powerful email to consider. The words were so moving that I was sure they were a hoax. No one would dare say things like that in public, with witnesses and press and a record of what was being said. My search through the internet found confirmation at Snopes and several other sites.

Richard Lamm gave a speech a few years ago about how to destroy America. It was a copy of this speech that I found haunting my email this morning. What he had to say then rings louder today as this country faces a decision about illegal immigration. It’s scary to think that something that seems so insignificant could be the force that divides and conquers the United States forever.

I am all for compassion. I am all for understanding. I am all for celebrating uniqueness. The counterbalance must be that first and foremost we stand united. “United we stand.”

Diversity is great but division will destroy.

What will you do today to begin healing the divide?

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  1. Unity cannot be at the compromise of our underlying principles, and in today’s world, we have lost the ability to discuss those dispassionately. When the “other side” is pure evil, it does not bode well for unity in this generation.

    1. Very true. Light and dark can never co-exist. But when light clings to the light, does not light begin to spread? When we choose to focus on the light in others then we begin to build bridges and the darkness has to run. That is my hope and my prayer.


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