Reflections and HOPE

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  • […] Kathryn Lang presents Division Will Destroy the United States posted at The Peculiar Club. I am all for compassion. I am all for understanding. I am all for celebrating uniqueness. The counterbalance must be that first and foremost we stand united. “United we stand.” Diversity is great – division will destroy. […]

  • Unity cannot be at the compromise of our underlying principles, and in today’s world, we have lost the ability to discuss those dispassionately. When the “other side” is pure evil, it does not bode well for unity in this generation.

    • Very true. Light and dark can never co-exist. But when light clings to the light, does not light begin to spread? When we choose to focus on the light in others then we begin to build bridges and the darkness has to run. That is my hope and my prayer.