Quote of the Day for Wednesday

Do Better – Quote of the Day and more for July 3 2019

Quote of the Day

You can want better all day long, but until you choose better and do better you will be no closer to the better you want.

choose better - do better

Scripture of the Day

“He who walks uprightly (with a pure heart), works righteousness, thinks truth in his heart, guards his tongue, honors others is the one that will never be moved.” – from Psalm 15

from psalm 15

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Thought of the Day

Do Better

It will take action. Whatever your BIG DREAM goal or whatever the task at hand may be, you will need to take action to get there. The better the choices and the more purposeful the actions, the faster you will get to where you want to go.

The actions don’t have to be big to make an impact. Little bits will add up to make big changes. Actions do have to be intentional and on target.

What you want and where you want to be won’t sneak up on you. You have to go get it. Your actions will determine if you live out your possibilities or if you just talk them out.

Live possible by doing better.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Take one purposeful action toward your goal today.
Be sure to write down the results you experience from your doing better.

Challenge to do better

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