Does God Care?

Times get tough. Struggles often have us looking around for a sign – any sign – that God really is with us. It is during these times that we need, want and even crave a physical sign from God that He cares.

Knowing God Cares

    1. Look for the little things. Often times God will paint a sunset or sunrise, send a cool breeze or place a rabbit in your path just as a gentle reminder that He cares for you. Be on the look out for the little things that God is always sending your way.

    2. Expect the unexpected. One year I received a birthday card that was simply signed “Love, God.” I have no doubt in my mind that it came from Him even it if was directed by the hands of man. The unexpected can often be the best reminder that God loves us.

    3. See the signs. God’s love surrounds us all the time but we can get so caught up in the day that we miss them. The sermon, song and devotional that all go together or some other “coincidence” is more of the signs that God is setting up to show us His love and devotion.

    4. Write it down. Keep a record of the times when you see the caring of God personally. Use these notes of the big and small “hugs” to help you remember that God cares even when circumstances try to make it seem otherwise.

God does care. He cares so much that he endures our struggles each step of the way. He sent His only son to suffer and die so that YOU and you alone could live. The key to knowing and accepting that God cares is to learn to recognize the signs that are all around you every day.

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