Does God Need Me

A friend of mine told me about how he was working in his barn one day. One of the engines on his larger tractors was messed up. He was using an extremely large wrench to fix it and between the size of the wrench and the difficulty of the task, he was working up a sweat.

While he was working at tightening the bolt his son walked in. The boy was only six years old, but he saw his dad hard at work and decided to join him. The little boy placed his hand on dad’s hand and pushed with all his might. He grunted and groaned as he struggled to push the bolt around. In reality his strength did nothing to help the situation, but the little boy was showing his love to his father just by participating and he got to be a part of what his father was doing.

The truth is that God does not need me to do what He needs done. Instead God wants me! How much more special is that. The Great I Am wants me to participate in the blessings of life. The Creator of the world wants my hand to be placed on His hand, not because I can add to the situation, but just so that I can be a part of it all.

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