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Doing It When You Don’t Feel Like It

There is very little in Proverbs 31 about how to deal with kids that are running around arguing, a husband that is not listening to the chaos and the cold that is holding on to you for dear life. I know, I’ve been looking.

The few days have been extremely tough on me. Thinking positive has not cut it. My head feels like it is going to explode and I worry that if I blow my nose again it’s going to rub right off my face.

I’m having a pity party and it seems that I’m the only one in attendance. My husband has yet to say “honey, you go on to bed and I’ll handle that.” Or even better, “let me get the kids to bed and then I’ll come rub your back until you fall asleep.”

Some things are getting done, little by little. I’m trying to limit myself so that my body can heal, but at the same time I’m trying to get done the things that have to be done. But sometimes the energy that is required just to get going is more than my poor body seems to have today.

1. I cut back on my to-do list (even if the to-dos aren’t any less).

2. I drink plenty of liquids – water and juices.

3. I try to talk as little as possible (a major feat for me!).

4. I use menthol rub like it is lotion – on my nose to keep it from getting to raw and on my chest and sinuses to help with my breathing.

5. I wash my hands all the time.

6. I attempt to air out the house and freshen things up (without adding to my already limited to-do list).

Sometimes these colds and situations are a chance to slow down and just spend some time talking with the Father. It might serve me well (and I’d likely be back to 110% much sooner) if I would just hang out with Him instead of flipping through the television stations hoping something will distract me from my misery!

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