Full-sized Printable Focus Folder

Download the printable Focus Folder sheets so you can start living in purpose and on purpose.

Focus Folder

Download and print the PDF of the “Focus Folder Planner System”

What You’ll Find

  • Social Media recording sheet
  • Marketing Planner
  • Expense Report
  • Weekly Review
  • Weekly Goals
  • Six Week Goals
  • Daily Accountability sheets
  • Blank Menu Plan
  • Chore Chart
  • Weekly Inspirations

Focus Folder Sample Pages

You Can Have Your Focus

It starts with why – knowing the reason behind the drive.

It moves forward with intention – setting the goals.

It stays on track with accountability – keeping a record and reviewing the progress.

Focus is possible – no matter where you are in your journey or where you want to go. Get anchored in your focus and let your dreams lift you to new possiblities.

quote - anchored in your focus

Supplement the Focus Folder with Additional Daily sheets

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