Relationship Priorities

There are five places to look if I am going to move to a place of priority for my life and for my relationships:

1. Me focus – if I want to build solid relationships in my life then I need to be invested in being the best me I can be. I get there when I look at self, evaluate self, and focus on self.

2. Clutter-free – release the extras. I have to remove all those things that hold me back from doing what needs to be done.

3. Hear me – develop the skill of listening, because it is a learned skill that must be honed and practiced. Skilled hearing includes the receptions of words, the awareness of actions and attitude, and also an understanding of the environment.
4. Investing 101 – the basic steps that lead to relationship investment including thoughts on time, resources, and focus.

5. Expect Nothing – because it is the expectations that end up getting u in the most trouble.

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