Relationship Truths

Despite all that I am investing and doing, and despite my efforts to be relentlessly giving, it turns out that there are some hard truths about relationships that I just can’t ignore. The good news is that relationships are not based on “like” but founded in love. Relationships are not about getting but about giving. Relationships are not about results but about efforts.

But knowing the truths can keep me moving in a better direction.

First – not everyone will like me. I know – it shocked me too. But it turns out that despite my best efforts there will be others that just do not like me.

Second – I need to be attractive which is to say that I need to be the very best me that I can be right now where I am – which will require some attention and effort on my part.

Third – It is not always a two-sided effort. There are times when I will invest more in a relationship (and there are times when YOU will be doing the more investing).

Fourth – I will have to sacrifice to grow relationships – there is just no way around this truth. I will have to give, to give up, to let go, to change, to adjust, and sometimes to choose others over self.

Fifth – It is rarely balanced. There is always more giving on one end than there is on the other.