Driving Your Passion

One question can help uncover where you are headed today. Each and every one of us are currently moving towards a end. The answer to this one question can help you discover if it is the end that you desire.

What would you do tomorrow if you won the lottery today?

It doesn’t matter if you play the lottery or not or even if you believe in them. The exercise is designed to help you think outside of money. The truthful answer for me (cause I not only think about it but I actually budget the winnings even though I don’t play :D) is that I would continue to write.

There might be a little trimming of some of the write for hire stuff that I do, but not much. The assignments I am taking now – for the most part – challenge me in one way or another to grow my writing skills, my knowledge or my connections – so I would continue to pursue them.

It always fascinates me when lottery winners say that one of the first things they are going to do is quit their job. This action tells me that most of them are working for a paycheck. Every now and then there is a winner that says he (or she) plans to be in work the next day and those winners make me smile.

If you would do what you are doing today no matter what your circumstances might bring then you are probably on the path to purpose. At the very least you are living in contentment. If you would drop everything to begin a new life then it may be time to re-evaluate where you are and where you are going?

What would you do tomorrow if money was no longer a factor? Let the ideas and thoughts twist together and begin leading you towards your purpose.

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