eBook Creation Customized for You

Are you ready to have more leads?

Do you want a stronger client development path?

Would you like bolder brand awareness?

We can help you make it happen with your voice, your words, and your brand mission at the heart of it all.

Creating an eBook specific to your voice and content has many benefits:

  1. Your eBook can help you establish your authority in your industry. It gives you one more way to stand out to your target audience.
  2. An eBook will make a powerful lead magnet. By putting your words to work, you can provide an attractive, beneficial, and powerful way to connect with your target – gaining valuable emails along the way.
  3. Creating your eBook allows you to share your voice and brand story to increase brand awareness and recognition.
  4. The more you invest in your target, the stronger you build the connection. Connect targets are one step closer to being engaged clients.

Let your words help you achieve your goals. Your eBook will be a valuable marketing tool to help with lead generation, brand awareness, and client development.

Take your existing presentations, podcasts, or other products and repurpose the content into a unique eBook. You define the focus, the tone, and the target reader. It’s your rough content – adjusted, honed, and flowing in the direction that works for you. Your initial consultation, combined with your content, will create the outline for moving forward.

It’s your story. It’s time to get it told.

Your FREE 20-minute consultation will provide you with thoughts on how you can move forward with your book and some best path ideas.

Download this free resource to help you get the book started. This template will help you define your current content and group your ideas into potential chapters for a book or sections for an eBook.

Yes, it’s completely free!

Outline Your Book

Outline Your Book

The first step to creating your book will be your outline.

Working from the information you provide, the outline will be a roadmap for completing your eBook (complete with ideas for section titles, images, and chapter titles).

What You Will Get

  • evaluation of your existing content – $1,000 value
  • organization of content in alignment with keyword targets – $1,250 value
  • creation of eBook outline idea – $500 value

Total Cost: $2,750 US

ONLY $750 (US)

How it helps:

Your outline will be specific to your voice and your content. It will provide you with direction and help you keep the focus for creating your words. Having an outline allows you to visualize how to make the content work in a new form.

Do you want additional eBook outlines from your existing content? Ask about the Outline Upgrades.

Looking for content ideas? Ask about the Content Prompts Upgrades.

Do you just need a little boost to get your book written?

Take the course 8 Weeks to Write Your Book for only $97 (US)

Get Your Book Written

Your eBook Creation

You receive all of the Tier 1 benefits ($2,750 value). Once the outline is approved, your outline and content will be worked into your unique and polished eBook manuscript.

What MORE You Receive

  • 1 rough draft manuscript (up to 15,000 words) – $3500 value
  • 1 client review rewrite (based on your notes) – $2250 value
  • 1 professional edit – $1500 value
  • 10 branded images and quotes (based on your content ) – $3000 value
  • 1 professionally formatted manuscript ready for uploading to markets or website apps – $750 value

Total cost: $13,750

ONLY $6,000 (US)

To get started, make the initial installment of $2,000(US); 2nd installment is due after the first draft of $2,000; the final installment of $2,000 (US) is due after the final delivery of the formatted eBook.

Would you like your manuscript to be available in print as well? Ask for the Print Upgrade when we talk.

Would you like your manuscript to be available in print as well? Ask for the Print Upgrade when we talk.

eBook PLUS

You will receive all of the Tier 2 and Tier 1 benefits ($13,750 value), and so much more. Put your eBook to work for you.

What You Will Receive

4 posts with CTA pointing to your eBook (minimum of 450 words per post) – $1,800 value

12 social posts with CTA pointing to your eBook (200 words on average) – $2,400 value

10 branded memes or images – $2,000 value

Personalized “What Now” plan for your eBook to help make the most of your investment. $1,500 value

Total Cost: $21,450 US

ONLY $9,000 (US)

To get started, make the initial installment of $3000 (US); the second installment of $3000 (US) is due after the outline is completed; the final installment of $3000 (US) is due after the project is complete.

Monthly Content Building

Keep the content flowing so you can keep the relationships growing with your readers and potential clients.

What You Will Receive

  • 4 monthly blog posts to share on your website based on your target, voice, and keyword focus
  • 1 monthly article to share in a different format or to submit to print publications
  • 4 unique branded memes
  • 4 social media posts

Monthly subscription of only $600 (US)


When you subscribe to one year of content support, you will get a FREE customized eBook! Your eBook can lead you to your qualified customers. Put your words to work. Share your interest in this process when you have your consult call.