eBook Creation Customized for You

Turn your ideas into an eBook.

Your presentations. Your podcasts. Your resource pages. Your blog posts.

Your Voice!

Edited, formatted, and polished for digital release.


Feed your business and focus with a boost of new possibilities.

Turn your presentations, podcasts, or other content into an easy to digest eBook as a funnel for new clients.
Act now and I will include a FREE workbook to use as a lead magnet
AND 20 social blurbs for sharing your new product.
AND for the first 10 that sign up, you will also get free formatting so you are ready to release your eBook on digital marketplaces.

Only $2850 (for an eBook up to 15,000 words)

1st installment $1250
2nd due after draft $1600

Limited time and limited space for this special so be sure to take advantage now.

If you need other content written or repurposed, let’s talk now.

Take your existing presentations, podcasts, or other products and repurpose the content into a unique eBook. You define the focus, the tone, and the target reader. It’s your rough content – adjusted, honed, and flowing in the direction that works for you. Your initial consultation combined with your content will create the outline for moving forward.

It’s your story. It’s time to get it told.

Your FREE 30-minute consultation will provide you with thoughts on how you can move forward with your book and some best path ideas.

Lets talk

Download this free resource to help you get the book started. This template will help you define your current content and group your ideas into potential chapters for a book or sections for an eBook.

Yes, it’s completely free!

Get Started

Outline Your Book

The first step to creating your book will be your outline.
Working from the information you provide, the outline will be a roadmap for completing your eBook – complete – with section and chapter title ideas.

What You Will Get

    • evaluation of current content
    • creation of an eBook outline

Only $500 (US)

How it helps:

Your outline will be specific to your voice and your content. It will provide you with direction and help you keep the focus for creating your words. Having an outline allows you to visualize how to make the content work in a new form.

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Need help getting your book written?

Coaching could be your answer to staying on track.

Or CLICK HERE to take the course 9 Weeks to Write Your Book for only $47 (US)

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Full eBook Creation

You receive all of the Tier 1 benefits. Once the outline is approved, your outline and content will be worked into your unique and polished eBook manuscript.

What MORE You Will Receive

      • 1 – complete manuscript (up to 15,000 words – length of eBook will be related to the content provided by the client).
      • 1 – up to a 60-minute consult to review the manuscript
      • 1 – rewrite from your notes
      • 1 – professionally edited and formatted manuscript

$2,850 (US)

To get started, make the initial installment of only $1250 (US); the final instalment of $1600 (US) is due after the first draft of the eBook is delivered.

1st installment
2nd due after draft

eBook PLUS

You will receive all of the Tier 2 benefits, all of the Tier 1 benefits, plus a personalized marketing plan. Put your eBook to work for you. I’ll create blog posts, social media posts, and memes for you to share across platforms.

What You Will Receive

      • 4 blog posts to highlight the eBook content (min. 450 words for each post)
      • 12 social media posts to customized to fit your desired platform
      • 4 personalized memes customized to fit your desired platform

$5000 (US)

To get started, make the initial installment of $2000 (US); the second installment of $1500 (US) is due after the outline is completed; the final installment of $1500 (US) due after the first draft of the eBook is completed.

Monthly Content Support

Keep the content flowing so you can keep the relationships growing with your readers and potential clients.

What You Will Receive

    • 1 monthly blog post to share on your website
    • 1 monthly article to share on a different format
    • 4 unique branded memes
    • 4 social media posts
    • Up to 10 tweets connected to each blog post or article

Monthly subscription of only $600 (US)


When you subscribe to one year of content support you will get a FREE customized eBook! Your eBook can lead you to your qualified customers. Put your words to work.

    • Smaller projects or multi-project packages available on a case by case basis.