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Educated Beyond Obedience

My knowledge annoys my children. Homeschooling them means that I grade their papers. Even though I use a grade book, they still will challenge my corrections. The other always says, “You know she is never wrong.” Oh if that were only true how great would my life be?

The trouble with my knowledge and education is that I do not always put it into practice. Not long ago I encouraged a friend to write the book that he had been talking about writing. Now he is a published author. A few years back I encouraged my brother to pursue his dream and now he is about to graduate from medical school.

I know what needs to be done to get to the goal. I just am not obedient in that knowledge. My education has expanded beyond my obedience. And yet I still invest more time in learning than I do in the doing.

Never stop learning, but at the same time each bit of information must be implemented. Putting action behind education is just as important – and sometimes even more so.

Developing Obedience

    1. Get some accountability. It is important to find one or two people that can hold your feet to the fire about the things that you are suppose to be doing. You know what they are, but sometimes it takes that extra push to get moving.

    2. Set time limits. Use a timer to make you get the kitchen clean, the article written or the story completed. Deadlines are always strong motivators.

    3. Plan actions. Planning study time might be essential but so is action time. Set aside an hour, two hours or days to begin implementing what has been learned.

Obedience is an action word. Studying and learning will make you knowledgeable but it will not make you successful in the things that you know. Do the things that you learn and you will become the things that you aspire to be.

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