Encourage One Another

Yesterday was a tough day. It started pleasant enough, but then everyone else in the house got up. I had to escape or snap so I went to pay bills before attending my Positive Moms group at church.

The group is a hodge-podge of women from the community (many that do not attend the church that hosts the gathering). It is a chance to study the Word and to talk about problems and issues that we are facing. It is also a chance to laugh and yesterday reminded me of the importance of laughter to keep joy alive.

There was no magical moment of inspiration during the meeting. Each of us have problems and we are all growing to get by. But I came out of the group feeling inspired because I was able to hold out my hand to another, give some tips and suggests and share things that WERE working in my own home.

It is amazing how the act of encouraging someone else can actually be so encouraging to me. By the time I arrived home I was in the mood to apologize for my quick departure and was able to tackle the tasks that I had left behind.

If you are feeling down today try a little encouragement.

  • Write a note or letter to a friend that has been on your heart.
  • Give a smile and a compliment to the check out person at the grocery store.
  • Help someone out with their cart in the parking lot.
  • Let someone else go in line before you – even if you have been waiting longer.
  • Pay for the meal for the person behind you at the fast food restaurant.

A small act of encouragement extended to someone else can go a long way towards encouraging your own heart.

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