Encourage to be encouraged

Encouraged through Encouraging

My favorite season has arrived . . . although it tends to arrive four times a year. There is something about most seasons that inspire me. They are all my favorite in their own unique way. But that is a squirrel for another day.

Today, I am looking out at a field of vibrant fall colors. The clear blue sky offers the perfect back drop for the colors and makes them appear even more vibrant than they are just next to each other. The wind whips through the trees sending a cascading fountain of red, yellow and orange. It takes my breath.

Things in my life are just as vibrant. Opportunities are opening. My consistency is getting a consistent workout. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Did you hear that? I am pretty sure it was an explosion somewhere in the middle of the tunnel. I see nothing at this moment but thick darkness. I want to turn and run the other direction, to run back where I have come from, but I hold tight.

Sometimes the victory is all in the standing.

I can get there. Turning around will not take me through. I have to wait for the air to settle and see what I can see. Once I recognize that, then I can determine what I need to do. It may require a lot of rock lifting. I may have to do some wiggling around. Despite what circumstances happen, the only way I will get there is if I go through.

Sharing this song with you has given me the strength to hold fast. Sometimes, it is in sharing encouragement that I find myself being encouraged.

May you find some encouragement in your sharing.

Be blessed,


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