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How to Escape from Big Facebook Frenzy

Oops – I did it again.

I found a random comment on a random social media and after investing too much time doing too much research to find the root of the story I knew the truth.

I wrote out an amazing rebuttal to the original post pointing out the details of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I had no dog in the fight. I had just taken some time to find the truth.

Did I mention it was the truth?

I checked and rechecked the resources and added them to my rebuttal. I then deleted the whole thing.

I could still share all of the relevant information that I found. I could add in the rules and regulations and requirements uncovered during my research. I could even complete the sharing with the links that led me to my discovery.

It still won’t matter.

It just doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you score . . .

Wait, that’s a line from a movie.

But it is about as true as the truth that abounds on the internet these days. All that matters is you get what you want when you want because it is all about you.

So I didn’t share. Instead, I found a way to finally escape the big social media craziness that fills my life with noise.

Escape the Chaos of Facebook, Twitter, Fake News, and Social Media

Scroll Past the Facebook Negatives

  • Turn it off. Many social media sites allow you to set up filters for what comes to your feed and what doesn’t. Feel free to turn off the information you don’t want. It’s your feed.
  • Write and leave it. Sometimes the need to share overwhelms. Write it on a different page then just leave it on that page. It gets the words out of your system without adding to the noise. Who knows, you might even find a way to turn your rant into something useful (like a blog post).
  • Keep scrolling. It turns out that is perfectly legal. I can just go right past the noise, the nonsense, and the negatives until I find a great puppy video.
  • Know when to say when. There will be times when you share thinking nothing of the sharing and soon realize that sharing is not what you should have done. Cut the losses. Walk away. Just because people continue to comment on what you shared doesn’t mean you have to keep sharing. Let it go.
  • Hit the delete button. Even if you’ve already shared, the delete will still work. If your words are taken in a way you never intended then be okay with taking them away.

The best way to escape the big Facebook frenzy and all the chaos that fills the social media platforms is to NOT.

Don’t start a petition.
Don’t start a protest.
Don’t start a boycott.

Focus on your own walk and the steps you are taking. Learn for yourself. Share (when asked) in a one-to-one location (i.e. private message).

By stepping away from the fray and the craziness that ensues, you will avoid the Facebook frenzy and will be able to reap the benefit of social media instead.

Be blessed,

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