Everybody Needs a Little Pun in Their Day

Our family is one of many words. We play word games, we play off other peoples words, and we play of words of songs. It’s always amusing to see which family member will be the first to pounce on a particular word or phrase – and the whole family gets a smile from the moment.

There is just something about a good pun (and by that I mean a bad pun) or bad or simple joke that makes me smile. Maybe it is the reaction of the people around me – the ones who have been sucking on lemons all day and just don’t get it. It could be that I’m easily entertained – an old boyfriend once said that if he hung a mobile over the vent and got me a kitten I would be entertained forever.

Most likely it is that I like a good word play. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy many of the British shows (some of which you can see anymore) and Psych (great word play there). Good comedy is about a quick and sharp wit – plain and simple.

I’ll confess that much of the word play around our table is not always brain surgery. But it is always fun. Try a little yourself, you might just find that you like it. I’ll get you started.

Q: Why did the TURTLE cross the road?
A: To get to the SHELL station!

Not exactly a pun, but you have to start slow and work your way up. Before long, you and your family will be sitting around the dinner table exchanging puns like pros and having a great time to boot.

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