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Evil Disappears When Wisdom Shines the Light of Hope

You dispel evil when Wisdom shines the Light of hope. Look for ways to grow wisdom and you will find you have the Light you need to get through the dark.

A to Z Challenge – Day Five

E = Evil

Grow wisdom

Wisdom Shines the Light of Hope

  • Use a new perspective to see things in a new light. When you change your perspective, you have the potential to change everything.
  • Listen more. You have two ears for a reason. When you take time to hear and to listen (which is purposeful hearing) then you have the ability to learn in unexpected ways.
  • Seek out the Wisdom of others. Dare to admit you don’t know everything, or at least be willing to accept that you can always learn more.
  • Watch your words. Your words have power. They will rule your today and your tomorrow. Wield your words with care.

A friend of mine . . . and I use “friend” in the terms of social media and not in the terms of someone I would have over to serve lunch (or more likely wouldn’t invite me to her house) . . . shared a post on her page. I commented with an informational and truly helpful response (no really, it was, I promise).

She then visited my post on my page and said some things about having to deal with a troll (I’m beginning to see a pattern emerge not that I think about). I replied it was great that she was finding a positive way to deal with the negative things that show up.

It was only after I hit reply that I realized she had been talking about me the whole time. Because I had made the choice to focus on the positive in her comment, I completely missed the evil that was trying to creek pinto my day.

Wisdom creates that focus on encouragement. Wisdom shines the Light of Hope so those negatives never have a chance.

When you choose to rest in the place of Wisdom focused encouragement, then what is growing up inside – the peace, the calm, and the content – it begins to show up on the outside. Others see and then others want to know your how.

Wisdom changes how others see me because I become an outward reflection of what is rooted inward. (from Ecclesiastes 8:1) Click To Tweet

We don’t change the world to make things better. We change our focus.

Invest in the Wisdom that grows up from engaging in the Word on a daily basis. You will be saved from the evil that tries to pull you down. You will also be saved from the evil man that speaks things to hurt you.

Sometimes, you are so focused in the peace of Wisdom that you don’t even realize evil is making a move to hurt you. You will only see the Light of possibilities.

That is a true place of peace.

Be blessed,

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What are some ways you have seen how Wisdom shines the Light of Hope in your life or in the lives of those around you?

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