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Eyes On Your Path to Reach Your Designed Success

Keep your eyes on your path, or your run into a ditch. When you turn your attention away from where you are going, you end up somewhere you don’t want to be.

eyes on your path

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As a swimming coach, nothing annoyed me as much as a swimmer that looked to his left or right to see how the other swimmers were doing. I implemented a rule requiring the guilty swimmer to do an extra lap of that stroke during the next practice for EVERY TIME he looked to his left or his right.

Pushing each swimmer to be his best drove me to implement the rule. As long as the swimmer focused on others instead of himself, he wouldn’t reach his fullest potential.

We are all running a race, whether or not we realize it (and whether or not we accept it). The race isn’t against the person in the next lane. It is against self.

Every morning we wake up with the potential to be the best self we can be. Each step we take moves us closer to that destination or away from that destination. The choices we make will dictate the direction we take.

If you want to reach your full success, keep your eyes on your path.

Eyes on your path - 3 points

Keep Your Eyes on Your Path

  • When you turn to look at others, you take your focus off your path. The loss of focus makes it easier to become tripped up in your steps. Keep your eyes on what you are doing.
  • When you compare your journey to others, you will always fall short or see yourself too high. Both are equally dangerous for your journey. Measure based on one question: “Am I doing better today than I did yesterday?”
  • When you give attention to others, you steal resources from your walk. It’s more of a challenge to do what you need to do when you are worried about, fretting over, or giving attention to what others are (or are not) doing. Put all you have into all you are designed to be.

Be focused on your journey, and you won’t get distracted by the things around you.

My FIL was always a unique driver. He took the speed limit as a suggestion. He had a way of not seeing the people around him. Without a doubt, my FIL was an offensive driver.

He had the most uncomfortable habit, though, of following with the steering wheel where he happened to look. It was bad enough when he looked over at something through the passenger window. If you were riding with him, you worried about the ditch that inevitably got closer. But when he turned his attention to something out of the driver’s window, you’d almost wet your pants – especially if you encountered oncoming traffic.

Because my FIL turned his attention from his path, he turned the vehicle as well.

If you turn your attention from your path, you ultimately end up in the ditch. Keep your focus ahead and your eyes on your path so you will get to where you want to go.

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Do you have focus?

To keep your focus, you have to take time to define your focus. Know where you want to go so you can keep your eyes on your path.

Follow these eight steps to set your focused path.

Learn more about the 8 steps for focus

Quote of the Day:

“The gray of the day

doesn’t have to dictate

the state of your heart.”

– Kathryn Lang

Quote of the Day:
"The gray of the day
doesn't have to dictate
the state of your heart."
- Kathryn Lang

Bible Readings:

January 6, 2021

Genesis 17 – 20

Judges 1 – 5

Job 11 – 12

Isaiah 21 – 24

Psalms 26 – 30

Scripture Question of the Day:

What takes us outside the covenant relationship?

Bible Quote:

Bible Quote of the Day - from Judges 2:1  God said, "I will never break My covenant with you."

God said, “I will never break My covenant with you.” – from Judges 2:1

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