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How to Find a Smile Even in the Dark

You will find a smile when you seek out hope and joy even in the dark. Smiles and laughter make things better or at least makes things a little easier. No matter where you are or what you are doing, there is a way to laugh – even if only for a moment.

My two sons were involved in an automobile accident in 2016. I’ve shared some of my frustrations in dealing with insurance after the incident, but that accident has been a gift that keeps on giving.

Last week, I took my middle son to the doctor after several weeks of what we thought was a stomach virus. Now I’m sitting with him in his hospital room, watching him suffer through the prep for a procedure that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

I walked out in the hall to talk to the nurse and turned to look at the board on the wall. I smiled. “How did you get a direct line to Jesus?” I asked the lady behind the nurses’ desk.

Finding a Reason to Smile

She looked up and hesitated for a moment before noticing the sign behind me. “Wow, we even have two.” She responded.

When I looked to see the second number, I noticed it was the call list for the “Crash Cart” team. At that point, I literally doubled over laughing. “I guess if you get to choose your team then this is the man you want.” I shared.

Calling Jesus

The nurse joined in my laughter and for a moment the world wasn’t as dark as it had been.

My son hurts. I hurt for my son. I can’t fix it. But this one little thing gave me a little laugh (and let me share a smile) – and that was enough to get me through the next few moments.

How to Find a Smile Moment

  • Be open to the moment. I had gone out to talk to the nurse about something that had me concerned – and trust me when I say that when I get concerned over medical moments it is a big deal. Even though I was trying to work through something serious, I recognized a laugh moment when I saw it. I even took a moment to get a picture just so I could share it with you.
  • Find a way to share. Not everyone will appreciate your laughable moment. I wanted to share with my son – because it is the kind of humor he would want to experience, but he’s MISERABLE at the moment. I shared with the secretary first – and she is the one that encouraged I take a photo, then I shared with an online friend, and now I’m sharing with you. Each time I share the images, I smile a little more.
  • Be okay with smiling. Even when things seem their worst, it is okay to find a smile. I NEEDED a smile in that moment to lighten my heart and to strengthen it for going back and encouraging my son.

You can smile without being uncompassionate. You can laugh without being disconnected from the moment. You can find hope even in the darkest of moments – and you should. The smile, the laugh, and the hope give you the strength to walk through those dark moments.

Be blessed,

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