How to Find Success in Life or Consistency Challenge – Day Fourteen

Secrets to Success

The path to my success will be determined by me. I can learn from others. I can follow their advice. No matter how hard I try, or how much I want it, I will never be in a position to follow them.

I am unique and therefore my path will be unique.

There are s few things that will help to guarantee you never unlock that success.

Top Tips for Not Finding YOUR Success

    1. Listen to what everyone has to say, because everyone has an opinion and they will assure you that the opinion they offer is the correct one.

    2. Sit around and wait for success to find you. Wait for that knock to come. Sit on the couch and read about others success or watch their success. Just sit.

    3. Change directions constantly. Go with the wind. Flitter from point to point.

    4. Refuse change. Stick to the same ole same ole and stand firmly where you are right now.

The Secret to My Success

    – The hit movie from the 1980’s had a very valuable message. DO SOMETHING. The Michael J. Fox character refused to accept where he was. He made a plan and then he pursued that plan.
    That is the first key to reaching a place of your success. Something has to be done. Until you take the steps towards your success you will never have the chance to reach it.

    – “Nothing changes until something changes.” I have been hearing this for years, but I am beginning to understand. Until I make the choice to do something different, things will remain as they are. Change plays a vital part in my success.

    – Make a plan and then follow through with that plan. Change is good, but changing constantly keeps a foundation from forming. The breeze will blow, but that does not mean the breeze has to determine my direction.

    – Learn, grow, expand. The more you learn the more you will have to drive your success. Take notes on what others have experienced and the successful paths of those that have gone on before, but take what you have and let it help develop your unique path.

Success can happen – if I define my success, set a path for my success and take the steps to pursue my success.

What are your tips for success?

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