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Stop - Look - Listen to find the Wisdom of Proverbs

“Does not wisdom cry out, and understanding life up her voice?” Proverbs 8:1

Wisdom cries out to me and most days she struggles to be heard over the static and noise that surround me during my regular routine. She also has to compete with that ever present voice in my head demanding IT be the only cry that is heard. It spends its energies keeping wisdom far away.

Wisdom wants to be heard, and she does everything in her powers to make that possible. Getting wisdom does not have to be difficult. All that I need to do is stop, look and listen (you remember THAT rule from childhood, right?). Wisdom can be achieved the moment I choose to partake of all that she offers.

Finding Wisdom

    – Wisdom reaches out to me through the articles that I read while doing research for work. Her words gently call to me in between the lines of the story.

    – Wisdom sings to me in the songs that I love and in those that I hear for the first time. She shows me comfort and peace through the lyrics and the melody.

    – Wisdom pulls on me through my own heart. She already dwells inside me in the form of the Spirit, and all I have to do is slow down long enough to listen to the beating of that drawing.

“Whoever finds me finds life.” Proverbs 8:35

How much time are you devoting to finding and holding on to wisdom? Proverbs reminds us that Wisdom is better than anything that a person might desire. It is the beginning of all things and provides the foundation to understanding and knowledge.

Wisdom does not hide away expecting you to find her. She stands in front of you crying out to be part of your life. Get wisdom, for it is the principle thing in developing a life of peace and joy.

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