Find Your Focus

Find Your Focus to Reach Your Destination

You have to find your focus to stand strong against what comes at you. It will take focus to get through – through the storms, through the opinions of others, through the next step. Find your focus and then hold on tight.

finding your focus

I started down the path of words when I was looking for a way to make some side income while staying home with the boys. My momentum picked up. Connections were made. Opportunities were opened.

I determined to take it the next level and reached out to people I respected. I began listening to the directives of others that declared they had taken it to the next level. The more I did what they told me to do the more I lost my own voice.

It turns out you can’t focus on the path others declare and stay focused on your own unique journey.

This year, I returned to my path of words and through the process reclaimed my voice (or maybe it was reclaiming my focus that allowed me to return to my unique path).

It turns out your focus must be on your unique design if you want it to work.

Just about the time I got my feet back under me, I read about someone doing something almost exactly like what I had been doing before I detoured into the ditch.

“Why not me?”

I wallowed in my pity – catching a full-dose of PLOM disease – investing plenty of energy and time not doing what I knew to do and wondering why I didn’t have what I could have had.

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”
Zig Ziglar

Nothing hurts quite as much as running headfirst into the truth. I had the time, the ability, and the words necessary to make it happen. I had just wasted more than a few.

It turns out you have to take intentional and purposeful action to move forward in purpose.

I pushed on, moving towards where I knew I wanted to go. A need arose. Another need followed. Soon, the needs were demanding my focus. I shifted from where I wanted to go to making a quick dollar.

Before I knew it, I was in the ditch again and still wasn’t making the money I needed to meet the demands of the needs.

I turned my attention back to purpose and found a way to patch the holes while I pushed forward.

It turns out you can’t chase the dollars and chase the purpose. You can only focus on one priority at a time.

You have a unique purpose. If you want to live out that purpose, then you have to find your focus and hold on tight.

I am moving once again – in purpose and on purpose. As I take this time to review the journey and plot for the New Year, I’m investing in fleshing out the #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination. The more I articulate what I want to do, and where I want to go, the more I can be positioned to pursue it.

I have all the time, all the energy, and all the attention I need – I have to choose how to invest each and everyone (and to do it each and every day).

It turns out you need the right plan to make your own way.

It is all up to you. You can get there, and you can live all your BIG DREAM goals. Your choices will make the difference. Dare to understand your unique purpose and find your focus for reaching that destination.

Be blessed,
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How do you find your focus?
Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below. I look forward to hearing your tips!

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find your focus

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