Find Your Passion

The last few days have been a great opportunity for me to recharge and re-attack my goals and objectives. It seems that after a struggle, this new vigor usually shows up. I almost feel sorry for those that get caught in the overflow ;).

Yesterday it was the Sunday school teacher. It was just him and me in the class for a few minutes, so I began to discuss the changes that he was making in his own life. Then I began to encourage him to go farther – to take his passion and his heart – and to follow those into the purpose that God had for his life. By the time the rest of the class showed up I was on a full roll and getting more excited by the word.

I am following my passion. It has been my dream to write since I was a young girl. The passion may have been pushed aside for years, but it never cooled. Today I am a writer (and each time I read or hear those words my heart flutters just a little). It makes me want to go to work, to do more and to try more without complaint.

It is my desire that every one else be able to live this way. It is possible for each and every person – it just takes some thought, some prayer and sometimes a little sacrifice (that usually turns out to be not so much a sacrifice in the end).

1. Write down your hearts desires. What would you truly want to do if money wasn’t a factor (making or spending)?

2. Write down all of your gifts, talents and skills. Anything that you utilize when you work or play should be included on the list.

3. Pray about your lists. Ask God to open your eyes to a path that you have not seen before. Let your imagination and creativity wonder through the lists to see what can be uncovered.

There are so many different directions that each one of us can take with our gifts, talents, skills and passion. By taking them to the Father, we can find His purpose and fulfill our passions. That is His desire for each of His children. He wants you to live a life so full of joy that it spills over to all those you encounter.

Find and follow your God given passion.

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