Finding Change in the World

Create change in the world with the power of your words.

I went looking for change in the world. I spent some time in the church. I listened to the sermons and I watched the people. They were touching lives inside the warmth of the building, but the world around me still looked the same.

I continued looking for change in the world. I attended the university. I learned great things and I received a piece of paper telling what I had learned. They were teaching the people that attended, but the world around me still acted the same.

I pushed onward, looking for the change in the world. I attended some civic organization meetings. They talked about important stuff. They raised money to help the cause that was most important to them. Money exchanged hands, but I still felt like the world was the same.

Words create change

I stopped for the night. I took a break from seeking out the change in the world. I determined to sleep, but sleep did not want to come to me. I tossed and I turned – worrying about what might happen to the world and to me if the “same ole’ same ole’” continued to be the norm.

I got up the next morning determined to find the answer. I looked in the mirror and I finally recognized the change in the world.

I am the change.

Be blessed,


Today’s Moment of HOPE is about the power of words – because the words that I choose to speak will directly affect the change that I create.

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