Finding Money as a Freelance Writer

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Writing may be an art, but writing for a living requires finding ways to get paid for that art. Anyone can start a blog, but most blogs never break even. Many more blogs are just holes to throw money down. Anyone can write and publish a book these days, but few ever make any money from the endeavor. Many more invest money upon money pursuing the dream of making it big.

The truth is that writing for a living is not easy. Starting a business for a living is not easy. Most anything worth doing is not easy. But it can be a little more simple when you see that your art of writing is your step out into being a freelance entrepreneur.

Finding the Money as a Freelance Writer

    – Check out the magazine rack. Local and regional publications can be a great place to begin earning income as a freelance writer. Smaller publication may not have query guidelines, but you can send an email to the editor expressing your interest in being a part of the publication. Being a local writer might be the key to getting your foot in the door.

    – Be FEARLESS when it comes to looking for opportunities. The worst that might happen is that the person you contact will tell you “no.” You will be no worse off for the response, and sometimes you will get an explanation behind the response so that you can better prepare for your next approach. Ask. You may see the door fling wide open when you do.

    – Think outside the box. Knowing everything about a single subject can be important to creating a platform of expertise in that subject. Being interested enough to learn more about the subject may be the key to landing the freelance writing opportunities. Editors may call on you because of your willingness to learn. Write what you know, but be willing to learn what you do NOT know so that you can write even more.

    – Invest some effort into the search. Sign up for the emails of the groups that send out listings weekly for the top freelance opportunities. Comb the websites for listings they may have missed in your niche. Set aside time each day to search for freelance writing opportunities.

    – Count the costs. Know what you need to receive for an article, blog post or other product. It will help you choose the right formats for your search and also give you negotiation power with editors that you contact with cold calls.

The most important part of building a successful freelance writing career is to keep writing. No matter what the responses might be to your query. No matter how many rejections you might receive. If you have a heart to write, then write.

Determination and persistence will be the two forces that will help you break through to that successful freelance writing career you desire.

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