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Finding My Way Out of the Box

I fell for it – and I fell hard. I fell for it so well that I wrote about it, I talked about it, and I event taught it.

How many times have you heard the saying ‘it may be simple but that does not mean it is easy?’

I heard it and I believed it.

The other morning I was sitting there thinking up excuses for not doing what I knew I needed to be doing. I had a powerful list created and that list made it easy for me to choose what I wanted to do instead of what I knew I needed to do.

But it was my choice.

The other day I looked at my life and recognized that I was not where I wanted to be. I understood that if I wanted to be in a new place then I needed to make new choices.

But it was my choice.

The last Sunday school class was a message on making better choices. It was a confirmation to me that one choice is easier than the other – not because of me but because of the One that has gone before me.

I realized – for the first time in my life – that it actually is easy to make the better choice.

The Ease of Making the Better Choice

  1. I have to be invested in a relationship with God if I am going to understand His Way.
  2. I have to be honest with myself about where I am and about where I want to be if I am ever going to get there.
  3. But it is still my choice.

    I can settle in the excuses – I know, because I have. Those excuses will leave me where I am or worse they will drive me even farther from where I want to be.
    I can give in to the expectations – the words that I learned about the right way were not easy but the right way is not only easy but better.
    I can move down the path of least resistance – although it is usually muddy and slippery and lands me in a nasty swamp.


    I can choose the way that was set for me from the beginning of time.

    The choice is mine.

    Matthew 11:30 “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

    Be blessed,

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