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Finding Proof of Love

“When Mary broke open the container, it was symbolic of her breaking her will and completely pouring her life onto Jesus. That is why the disciples were so annoyed.”

The insightfulness of my husband can be scary sometimes. This was one of them. But it has taken me writing the words and pairing them with my own to really understand their complete impact.

My morning started too early. My husband had surgery on his right shoulder which translates to him not being able to do much of anything on his own. He did manage to wake up before 5 am and to wake me in the process. “I want to go to bible study if that is okay.” His men’s group meets at 6 am on every Thursday morning. Is there any right way to say no to bible study?

I got up and got my own morning routine out of the way before loading him into the car. The first stop was his bible study before driving on up to the grocery store. Errands could be combined with this trip to help save time down the road. On the way back to pick him up, I checked every pharmacy in town to see if one of them would open before we headed back home. Of course not.

My husband was eager to share about what he had discerned from John 12. He almost bubbled over with the excitement about how we are supposed to be willing to pour out our lives. The puppies (now two years old so not really puppies) greeted us when we pulled up the drive. They were standing near an animal, and since the little girl is such a good hunter I just figured it was one more of her gifts. It turned out to be a small dog that was struggling to breathe. I could tell it was very close to dying, but my husband’s heart went out to the animal and he was determined to stay with it. I went on to the house and started unloading groceries.

The puppies had left their surprises on the front porch. Next to the door were a dead bird and a dead chipmunk. The little girl ran up to guard her recent acquirement and I continued to unload.

“Mom, Dad wants you to come get the dog and take it to the vet.” I sighed and accepted my fate.

My son grabbed the plastic they put down under the tents and put it in the back of the car. I drove back down to my husband and the dying dog. I used the plastic to pick it up and put it in the back of the Suburban. We then made our second trip to town. “At least we will be able to get my prescriptions filled.” My husband NEVER looks to the sunny side, and the one time he does he was wrong. The prescriptions were sitting on the kitchen table.

Only a few minutes after we arrived at the vet, the dog passed away. My husband stood with it the whole time. We tried to call the owner again and asked what we should do. The vet had no ideas. The only thing left was to close the doors and take the dog back home until the owner could be located.

Walking back up the front porch, it dawned on me that I had a dead bird and chipmunk on the front porch and a dead dog in the car. The morning was not going the way I had hoped. I made my third trip into town a few minutes later to get my husband’s pain medication – and it was not even 9 am yet.

When I sat down to write, the words that I read in my notes were about love. The proof of love is my actions and my words because they will always reveal my heart. My husband’s words welled up as I read about love and they mingled together with this thought:

I have not learned to love until I am willing to break open my soul and pour it out as a blessing to another.

My morning was not easy. I did a lot of listening in places where I would have spoken out in the past. I followed through on requests without a grumble in sight. I did not think about it before, but this crazy morning was just one of the ways that I showed love for my husband.

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