Finding the Positive

Two days ago I walked into my room – the flood lights had been left on and the one outside my window was shining on the maple tree in the back yard. The tree was at its peak color with a splash of orange and dark red on each leaf. The flood light silhouetted the tree with a black night as the back drop. Because of the way the tree sits and the way my window sits, I had a full display of nature’s glory and nothing else.

I could have been concerned about the electric bill or about burning out the bulb (which is not easy to replace). Knowing that someone outside could see inside might have made me worry. There were half a dozen reasons to be unhappy about the situation that I was facing.

All I could do was smile. The leaves were so brilliant that they seemed unreal. The window was framing the tree perfectly and for that one evening I had a painting by God hanging on my wall. What is there NOT to smile about?

Any situation has positives in it. Sometimes you just have to be willing to look deeper than you might otherwise look. A beautiful landscape is easy compared to the recent election cycle. If we had spent more time talking up the positives and over coming the negatives then maybe the outcomes and the emotions would have been different.

But that was yesterday and to dwell on yesterday is to foster the negative. Here are a few things to focus on today.

    • Barack Obama has attended church for most of his adult life – he is a man of commitment.
    • Barack Obama has been married to the same woman and never been unfaithful that we know – he is a man of faithfulness.
    • Barack Obama left the campaign to be with his dieing grandmother – he is a man that honors family.
    • Barack Obama is articulate, is well schooled and is willing to learn – he is a man of intelligence.

There is no way to know the man without getting to spend time with him – just like there is no way to know the Father without spending time with him. True knowledge comes only from relationship. It is doubtful that I will ever have that kind of friendship with Barack Obama, but I can look at the positives of his life and believe that they are the guiding force and then trust in my relationship with the Father to see me through tomorrow.

Focus on the good, the positive and the uplifting and each day will be filled with the Joy that your Father desires for your life.

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