Finding the Right Focus to Rock the New Year

You need to find the right focus to keep you moving in your unique direction. Plenty of shiny objects and distracting squirrels demand your attention. Some of them even look like the way you need to go. If you don’t have your right focus then the distractions will direction your journey.

Question of the Day: Why do you think we do things just because we can do them?

just because you can

Nothing distracts me faster than something I “can do.” The other day, as I checked off item after item on my to-do list, someone sent me a link to a job opening.

Nowhere on my to-do list was there a mention of job hunting or anything related. I know because I went back and looked.

But this job was perfect for me – or at least this job was something I knew I could do. I did some research, tweaked my resume, and then remembered it was not what I was supposed to be doing.

Not Can but Should

If we want to reach our BIG DREAM goals then we have to stop letting “can” distract us from our more.

finding the right focus

Does it move you closer or in the direction of your BIG DREAM goals? It doesn’t have to be listed in your WhiteBoard of World Domination to be beneficial. It does have to be something that moves you closer to where you want to go.

Does it keep you from your BIG DREAM goals? Somethings we can do without causing a skip in what we need to be doing. These little tasks (like looking up an address for someone or swinging by work to drop off lunch that was forgotten) don’t take from the bigger picture. When it starts taking from your goal focus then re-evaluate the need.

Does it give you the energy to do more or take the energy you need? Actions that defer from your BIG DREAM goal direction should provide energy to do more in that direction. When it takes energy away then you need to pass on the project.

Do you want to do it? Ultimately, you don’t have to do it. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean it is your place, your purpose, or your design. Be okay with saying no.

This year is waiting for you. You have control and you determine what direction you will go. There will be plenty of options and lots of suggestions, but don’t be fooled by things outside of your unique design. The right focus will position you to rock the new year and prevent you from doing things just because you can.

Be blessed,

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Challenge: Create a checklist you can review before taking action outside of your BIG DREAM goals and purpose path. What are some of the measuring sticks you use?

Time to Dominate Your World

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