Finding Your Core Audience

Find your core audience.

“Know the person that you are targeting for your marketing efforts.” The advice should have guided me to focus my efforts, but it left me floundering to find a direction. Some people may be able to see the individual that will be reading their books, but that is one thing that I have always struggled to do.

I need to determine who I think will be reading my book. My hope may be that my book will speak to anyone – at any age or stage in life – but the reality of any material is that there will be a core group that will make up the majority of the customers.

It helps to discover that I am not alone in my struggles to find my core. I talked with Suzanne the other day and she was in a similar situation. During out talk I explained the way I was trying to look at the market.

Think of a stone thrown into a still pond. The first ring is my core audience, and the rings will spread out from there. Each ring will be further from the core but will also cover more space. The rings are strongest in the center and get weaker as they spread out. So, I need to focus on my core – because that will be the tightest and strongest connections – but understand that my core will not be the only places that my words touch.

How do I find my core?

    – Look in the mirror. Most of the time the person that I will speak to the loudest is the one that resembles my own reflection.

    – Look at the circumstances. I write what I experience and others will often respond if they are going through similar experiences.

    – Look at the background. People like to be around others that are like them so my writing will often resonate with others that come from a place similar to my own.

    – Look at the interests. My likes and dislikes will often show up in my words. Others with similar tastes will usually be the ones to respond to those words.

I can write for the masses, but my core will still be my core. It is from my core that I will find my brand advocates, my ally army and my true fans. Discovering my core should be easy if I let myself realize that it does not limit who will buy my books or support my products.

What do YOU think about the importance of knowing your core audience?

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