The First Trait of a Proverbs Life

Encouraging others builds a life of encouragement.

A Proverbs woman learns how to create a habit of encouragement. She comforts and encourages others and herself with all that is in her. The world throws so much negative at you that finding a path to live encourage and the energy to give encouragement can seem like an impossible task – even on the best of days.

Being a natural encourager does not come normal for most people. I stand in the minority. I have that kind of personality that allowed me to pop out of the womb and tell the doctor what a great job he did. The majority of people that I have known have to work at building a wellspring of encouragement that they can pour out onto the people around them. Even natural encouragers have to discover the keys to filling up so that encouragement can overflow.

Tips for Becoming an Encourager

    1. Keep an eye out for the good, positive and uplifting things in your life. When you focus on the things that build you up then you will be able to pass it on.

    2. Learn to have enjoy where you are even if you still have a long way to go before you arrive. There will always be another journey around the corner and waiting until you arrive will leave with a lot of time where you are un able to enjoy what you are doing.

    3. Practice speaking words that lift up and build up – including those that you say to yourself. Words are the building blocks of life so you want to know that you are using the ones that establish a foundation of encouragement.

    4. Look for opportunities to reach out. Making time to comfort others will take the focus off your own problems and even help to reduce the size of the chaos in your own life.

    5. Create a reservoir of motivation. Read books that encourage your heart. Listen to music that makes you feel good. Watch programs that leave you lifted up. The more positive you pour into your life then the more positive you will have to pour out to others.

Encouragement starts with your daily habits. Put together a plan that makes each a day an encouragement to you and you will discover that you begin to grow a life of encouragement for others around you.

Kathryn Lang writes columns and articles that focus on the good, positive and uplifting and seek to provide inspiration and motivation for the hearts and lives of others. Her new book, “Practical Proverbs,” comes out this summer in eReader and paper forms. The book will focus on 8 traits from Proverbs and practical tips to make those traits a part of your life.

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