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Five Blessings of Freelance Writing

Freelance writing has offered me today what most people work their lives to be able to have. We have a nice home, a great family and time to enjoy it all. We are living out our retirement instead of waiting for it to come. I might still be working, but does it really count when you have it THIS good?

    1. I set my own hours. I am able to get up before dawn and complete much of my work before anyone in the house even stirs. Some days I have to make up for my procrastination from the rest of the week, but those days are getting fewer and farther apart.

    2. My work goes with me. We can take trips for the day or for the week without me worrying about getting behind. As long as I can find an internet signal I can keep up with my jobs. Even if I can’t find a signal I can still continue my work schedule and just upload my work when I get home.

    3. The family is all together. My husband, my children and I have meals together – usually all the meals every day. My dad is able to stop in and visit with us during the afternoon and sit and enjoy watching the kids or just having some talk time. My father-in-law lives next door (across the field) so we enjoy his company on a daily basis as well. Our family is knitting together in a way that many haven’t been able to for generations. The only regret is that we don’t have MORE of our family living right hear at the front door.

    4. I can share my passion. The more I grow as a writer the more I run into budding writers. My experiences with freelance are allowing me to help guide other writers to pursue their dreams as well.

    5. I can share my heart. Freelance writing is opening up opportunities for me to talk about how I came to be where I am and what blessings I have received. I can talk about my trials and struggles and successes from them so that others going through the same can know they are not alone.

There are so many aspects of freelance writing that make me thankful and I continue to find new things each day. The best part is that I love what I do and that passion flows over into what I produce and how it is completed. Work is not work when you are happy to be doing it and look forward to the experience each day. Instead you find yourself wondering “are they REALLY going to pay me for this?”

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